Network Operation Center


Dedicated NOC

Global Connect Synergy running 24×7 NOC, staging state-of-the-art, dedicated Network Operating Centers to attain ease of operations for its partners. This environment offers a fault-tolerant and resilient-dedicated infrastructure. And these dedicated environments offer highest security and 24×7 availability with expert support. Our highly competent NOC engineering teams monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain your infrastructure in an SLA-driven approach.

Our dedicated NOC services include:

    • Making sure the clients’ network is up & running and performing well
    • 24×7×365 monitoring services
    • Problem Detection, Resolution and Notification
    • Performance Management, Network Optimization
    • Software management and upgradation of network devices
    • Backup and restoration of network devices configuration
    • Provide reports of Trouble Tickets, Status, Performance & Utilization