About Us


In year 2007 & 2008 the city went through few major setbacks because of which significant changes took place in the city. At that time, city was demanding a vigilant security & surveillance system to coup up with the law and order situation. GCS was selected on merit and Command & Control was deployed for this specific task. This was happening for the first time in the history of Pakistanthat any city was equipped with such state-of-the-art technology Vigilant Centre in the city of Karachi. These surveillance cameras were operated on the back haul of optical fiber network, laid down by us. It was another mile stone achieved by GCS to cover over 600 Km buried cable. OFAN infrastructure increases with the increase in demand of commercial activity in the city.



The mission of Global Connect Synergy is to ensure a world class customer experience along with the service. Our job is to support our customer before, during and after the project. Our mission is to exceed expectations and to deliver solutions and services second to none with the provision of positive working environment that allows our customer, to feel secured and sustain confidence in us. We are committed to our belief that we will succeed when our customer succeeds and we take pride in implementing our belief.


Our objective is to develop relationship that makes a positive impact on our client and also provides them with the best quality service to achieve their premium values.


Our belief is non-negotiable as far as the quality of our services are concerned as we uphold the finest standards of industry to meet the requirements of our valuable customers.

Team Work

Our work-forceisaccessible across the city as e we make connections inside and outside the “GLOBAL CONNECT SYNERGY” and learn from the wider industry. The collective effort is to improve the overall growth of the company.

Respect to people:

We value our people, encourage them to upgrade themselves with their performances. Praise them for their development and reward in return to register our appreciation. The core objective is to buildtheir social values to contribute in our society with good citizens.