Data Connectivity


“Secure, Cost-Effective and Reliable Data Services – that your business demands”



Point to Point Manageable Connectivity

Global Connect Synergy offers our customers the manageable Point-to-Point connectivity on our active network. It is a secure cost-effective solution which could be easily monitor. The solution also offers maximum reachability to the network so that one can have all the benefits.




Point to  Multipoint Manageable Connectivity

The principal concept of this service is just like Point-To-Point connectivity but It covers presence of customer at multiple locations. We offer this service to the client so that they can interconnect with each other.  We offer optimized full turnkey rollout and maintenance solutions, ensuring high standards by a process of continuous improvement 



Point to  Point Dark Core

A Point-to-Point link is a direct connection between two nodes. We offer direct connectivity to our optical fiber network. There is no active equipment in between the two nodes. The one who operates has the complete control over the network. 



Backhaul Service

We also offer backhaul service to our customers network infra on both dark core as well as manageable connectivity.