We are also offering our vendor to extend their service with us. We offer different service provider companies a shared, space for enterprise businesses to store hardware related to their services. The decision to move, expand or consolidate the customer’s data center, which is one that must be weighed in the context of cost, operational reliability and of course, security. With these considerations in mind, we offer a place with the solution without the hassle of managing own data center.

Data Center Salient Features

High Availability
Global Connect Synergy data center set the standards for redundant power and climate control, giving you the confidence you will have the power necessary to run your mission-critical services.

Global Connect Synergy facilities are built in secure structures, located in geographic safe-zones. Multiple layers of security, including video surveillance and biometric access control, ensure that access is granted only to the appropriate individuals. Access is logged and retained.

Our data centers have no exterior signage. Client information is treated as confidential. Global Connect Synergy staff are industry-trained and follow stringent security procedures.

Global Connect Synergy data centers are powered by multiple power feeds from separate sources, backed up by multiple UPS and diesel powered generator systems.

Carrier-neutral network
Global Connect Synergy facilities utilize multiple carrier-neutral, high-speed internet feeds, ensuring reasonably priced bandwidth delivered over a secure and redundant network.

In several locations, Global Connect Synergy employs a cold-aisle containment system, as well as a mix of climate cooling and mechanical cooling to create affordable, reliable and efficient environmental conditions throughout all our new concurrently maintainable facilities.

Network Operations Center (NOC)
Global Connect Synergy NOC teams ensure top performance in event management, enforce security standards and assist with client requests. Each data center is protected and operated by an experienced NOC team. Several of our data centers have an in-house NOC team staffed 24/7/365.